Analyse Customer Support Effectiveness

Analyse the effectiveness of your customer support by measuring how customer sentiment changes during customer support conversations.


Solving customer problems and keeping customers happy is a prime goal of your customer support team. Turning angry or frustrated customers into satisfied or even happy ones is a good indicator that your support is meeting the needs of you clients. Sentiment analysis can help you to see if and how your customer support is driving customer satisfaction in the course of support conversations.

Sample Customer Support Incident on Twitte

Who is this use case for?

Customer managers or product managers

Business Goal

Analyse customer support messages in order to

  • Find out if customer support is meeting the need of the clients 
  • Identify factors that drive  good or bad customer support experience


Customer support conversations need to be organized in threads which allow downstream analysis of support incidents. Customer support on social media, e.g. twitter, happens like this automatically and can be an easy starting point.  


The analysis will run once a customer support ticket has been marked as closed or resolved.  

How it works

  1. Get data: Connect to your helpdesk application or use publicly available data from social media, e. g. Twitter
  2. Prepare data: Preprocess data for better analysis, bringing it into tabular form and apply filters if necessary
  3. Analyse the opinion expressed for each support message using sentiment analysis.
  4. Analyse the sentiment scores per support incidents / ticket.
  5. Visualize trends by either comparing the starting to the ending value or trends in the conversation.

Postconditions (Outcome)

A success metric for each support incident which allows further analysis (e.g. identify factors which influence this metric). A dashboard or chart visualising the effect of customer support on customer sentiment over time..


This new information can be used to:

  • Improve your customer support
  • Understand customer support strengths and weaknesses

Image credits: Photo by Petr Macháček on Unsplash

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