Identify Celebrities in News Articles

Allow your readers to easily follow articles that cover their favorite celebrity, sports star or politicians using automated tagging.


Readers engage with content that is written about their favorite celebrity, sports star or politicians. However, content producers can find it very tedious to manually tag all people mentioned in an article, and sometimes it is not so easy to spot them. Think of J.K. Rowling publishing under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith? AI-based text entity recognition can help and identify these relationships automatically for you.  

Who is this use case for?

Publishers, content editors

Business Goal

Automatically add references to people mentioned in your news articles in order to:

  • Increase reader engagement 
  • Drive content recommendations
  • Enhance content organizations


The people mentioned in your news articles need to be known by the AI service. Try it out to see how good people entities are identified in your content.


The service is triggered every time a new articles is written by an editor or published to your content management system - either automatically or manually.

How it works

  1. Content editor inputs or uploads content to your content management system
  2. Entity recognition service is triggered automatically or manually by the editor 
  3. The system suggests people mentions in the text document.
  4. Editor can change the suggestions or leave them as they are.

Postconditions (Outcome)

Each article will contain an array of people mentioned in this text. Each people entity carries a distinct entity ID so the content can be categorized according to this ID.


  • Group content by people mentions, allowing new ways for content categorization.
  • Drive reader engagement by automatically delivering content about their favorite celebrities
  • Feed data into recommendation systems for automatic personalization and better user experience

Photo by Vitaly Sacred on Unsplash

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