Monitor Sentiment on Social Media

Use data from social media to analyse sentiment over time and detect negative trends before they turn into a crisis.


Every day millions of people are talking about companies, brands and products on social media. While most conversations tend to be easy chit-chat, some topics have the potential to develop their own dynamics.

Social Media monitoring can help you to identify negative mentions early and  react on them before they turn into a major crisis.

Who is this use case for?

Marketing professionals or product managers

Business Goal

Monitor public opinion on social media in order to

  • Monitor brand sentiment over time and regions 
  • Allow quick reaction 


Your company or brand needs to be “popular enough” on social media, meaning there needs to be enough comments mentioning your brand or company. If your customers or relevant target group is not on social media, you might not get meaningful results.


The analysis will run continuously for a given time window and a given search term. 

How it works

  1. Get data: Connect to Twitters public API, either using a Twitter developer account or a third-party tool quintly
  2. Prepare data: Retrieve tweets by search term, hashtags, mentions, location, time, etc.
  3. Analyse the opinion expressed for each tweet using sentiment analysis.
  4. Analyse or aggregate the sentiment scores over time as per your requirements.
  5. Report your analysis ad-hoc or integrate into monitoring or BI tools.

Postconditions (Outcome)

A dashboard or chart visualising sentiment trends on social media and/or an alert system that will push notifications if certain thresholds are met.


This new information can be used to:

  • Reduce time to respond to major communication incidents
  • Analyse sentiment trends over time
  • Allow drill-downs for certain regions / topics / locations

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