Prioritize Customer Support Tickets

Increase the effectiveness of your customer support by prioritizing support tickets according to support message sentiment.


The need for high quality customer support is growing and so is the expectation of the customers. For customer support teams it can be difficult to keep up with support tickets, especially when the amount of tickets spikes around certain times of the year of product changes.

Prioritization is key for delivering outstanding customer support. While each organisation applies different prioritization criteria, the analysis of customer sentiment for a given support incident might happen to be a crucial factor: In fact, 60% of users expect a response within 1 hour if the complain via social media.


Who is this use case for?

Customer support managers or help desk managers

Business Goal

Prioritize customer support tickets effectively to deliver customer support that meets clients needs.


Customer support incidents need to be ranked according to an existing ranking logic which allow for supplement ranking criteria.  


The analysis will run once a customer support ticket has been opened.

How it works

  1. Unpack existing ranking criteria: How are incoming customer support tickets prioritized?
  2. Decide sentiment weight: How much should the sentiment influence the ranking algorithm?
  3. Analyse sentiment for support cases.
  4. Include sentiment score into ranking according to weight.
  5. Compare outcomes with existing ranking logic and see if customer support quality increases

Postconditions (Outcome)

The analysis will support a better ranking algorithm for incoming customer support cases.


This new information can be used to:

  • Allocate customer support resources to where they are needed most
  • Drive customer satisfaction

Photo by Tim van der Kuip on Unsplash

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