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  • Combine design thinking and AI to drive innovative solutions tailored to your business.
  • Unlock the Power of AI for Your Business – without the tech overwhelm

The AI Design Sprint™ Principles

Simple over complex
No tech needed.
Fast Results
From idea to prototype in 2 weeks.
Low risk
Validate AI solutions before you build.
Customer-centric end-to-end.
Align as a team.
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How it works

The 3 modules of the AI Design Sprint™:

AI Opportunity Mapping

For leadership to uncover the most valuable AI opportunities in their organization.

Process Automation

Identify processes to be augmented or automated with AI and develop AI solutions concepts as a team.

Products & Services

Develop AI solution concepts for exisitng and new products & services.
From 0 to prototype in 2 weeks:

“Holy smokes, 33A’s AI Design Sprint™ is excellent!”

Jake Knapp, inventor of the Google Design Sprint


Identify AI use cases
Describe how the AI solution looks like
Assess the technical complexity

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