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What is RAPYD.AI?

Let’s say you found a cool AI service like Amazon Comprehend, Google Cloud Vision or Microsoft Cognitive Services. 🤩

You tried one of their cool (1) online (2) demos (3). 🐱💻

You're ready to build this into your app. 🤓

And now this! 🤯

What you need to do to call an AI service directly from Google Cloud Platform*:

*same applies to AWS and Azure

What you need to do to call the same Google service via RAPYD.AI:


No need to be a cloud expert to access cloud AI services. 😎

AI Services

Here are some of the AI Service we support:

Need more services? We are always improving our platform. Please contact us.

Text Detection

Face Detection

Landmark Recognition

Object Detection

Use Cases

Here is what you can do with us:

In fact, we coded up some use cases for you that will help you to get started quickly.

Counting People in Images

Counting Cars in Images

Show Wikipedia Info for Tourist Attractions

Get started:

Sign up for RAPYD.AI
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Choose  AI Task
Image or text analysis.
Copy & Paste code snippet.
Get started now

Who should use it?


Integrate cloud AI services without any cloud or AI/ML knowledge.

Data Scientists

Compare your models against off-the-shelf AI solutions.


Don't waste time on complicated cloud setups. Start protoyping right away.