Counting Cars in Images

Analyse images and automatically count the amount of cars / vehicles which can be recognized therein.
Counting Cars in Images
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Being able to quantify the amount of vehicles or cars is an important part of many business processes in industries such as as traffic management, facility management or logistics. If digital systems such as sensors or electronic gates are not available, this process requires a tedious human routine to perform this simple task. A Computer vision AI service can help to analyze images, detect cars therein and calculate an overall car count.


A business process requires to measure the amount of cars or vehicles present at a certain location at a certain time. This can involve traffic monitoring, parking lot capacity or general logistic tasks.


A computer vision AI service is able to detect cars in images and the downstream software application is then able to count these detected entities. The reference solution architecture for this use case looks like this:

  1. Take an image from the cars to be counted.
  2. Preprocess the image(s), i.e. adjust the image size to what is required by the Computer Vision AI service
  3. The preprocessed image will be sent to a Computer Vision AI service of your choice.
  4. In a post-processing step the result will be filtered for car entities and a given confidence level. 
  5. The output can then be summarized as a simple number count or a picture where the detected car labels are highlighted. 


No manual tasks are needed to keep track of the number count of cars in a given location. This process can be automated and adjusted as needed: More pictures per minute / seconds to adjust accuracy and/or higher image quality. 

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