Show Wikipedia Info for Tourist Attractions

Provide context and explanations for pictures taken by tourists, so they can get even more out of their trip.
Show Wikipedia Info for Tourist Attractions
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How great would it be if you travel a city and a virtual assistant would give you more context around the things you are seeing and visiting? Parts of it can already be solved using existing AI services: Landmark detection is an AI service which spots popular structures and buildings on images, labelling them with a description and geo coordinates. This information can be passed to extract knowledge from other sources, e.g. Wikipedia.


When tourists visit a place or a city and find themselves in front of a striking landmark, they might wonder what this landmark is and what this is all about. They take a picture of it and want to get more information.


Landmark detection AI service will try to identify the structure or building on an image and return the description and geo coordinates. These information will be used to search for matching Wikipedia articles and extract the article summary, which can then be shown to the user to provide further explanations.


This service an ca be used to:

  • increase user satisfaction and user engagement for tourist apps.
  • help tourist to learn more about images they have taken during their trip.
  • protects user privacy: No access to smartphone location data is needed to recognize landmarks on images.

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