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RAPYD.AI Studio:
AI for Everyone

No-Code AI Platform

Your shortcut to world-class AI.

RAPYD.AI Studio delivers world leading AI services at your fingertips. Instantly try out and evaluate AI services for computer vision, text analysis or document processing. Build your own AI prototype app in seconds.

No coding required. No special AI/ML knowledge needed.It's time you stop talking, but start using AI.

Welcome to RAPYD.AI Studio

RAPYD.AI Studio is a simple drag & drop interface which lets you quickly build AI Apps.

What can I do with it?

Build AI-powered apps which can count objects on images, extract valuable insights from text data, automatically process document form entries and many more. Publish your app to share it with colleagues or download the code to integrate it into your software.

No Code

Everything can be controlled with your mouse and  a few buttons. We kept it simple. In fact, we believe it’s the worlds simplest AI platform.

No AI/ML knowledge

All AI services are ready-to-use. No training on individual data required. Upload your files an go!

Full AI capabilities

RAPYD.AI Studio currently supports image, text, document files. Here’s a list of what the Studio can do: Object detection, face detection, landmark detection, text extraction, text sentiment analysis, text entity analysis, text key phrases, document form extraction, document text extraction.

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The RAPYD.AI Studio Workflow


Desing Your App

Create your AI-powered app with pre-made building blocks & customize

Publish to Web

Publish your app to the web and share it with friends & colleagues.

Export Code

Export the code as Python or Javascript files to implement further.

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