Create Content Labels With Entities

Content organization can be complex and challenging as the number of documents grows. Entity recognition can help assigning content labels.
Create Content Labels With Entities
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As your content library grows, managing the content becomes crucial. AI-powered content labelling can help to identify known entities found in the text and suggest these as content labels to editors and authors.


Content articles are not being read because they are not found by your audience or hidden inside your content catalogue. Manual tagging or labelling by hand is a tedious and costly task, especially for large archives.


Content can be processed automaticall using AI so that meaningful attributes, key phrases and entities such as people, organizations or places can be extracted and added as labels..


  • Easier document retrieval
  • Better recommendations
  • Drive reader engagement by automatically delivering content about their favorite topics
  • Feed content labels into recommendation systems for automatic personalization and better user experience

Solution Overview

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